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My personal restaurant – My home

We all love to eat out. And me, even more so. I am a complete foodie, and my taste buds are always craving some excitement. Sadly though, home food doesn’t give me that rush. Call me fussy, but I cannot afford to let food bore me. So I opt to eat out pretty often. This, obviously, doesn’t please my wife too much. Why would it! She feels we waste too much money, it’s unhealthy for the kids and that I am being unfair to her, as the culinary master of the house.

But of late, I think she’s found the perfect bait. I come back home on a rainy day, and my olfactory senses tingle when I return to the smell of fresh rasam being seasoned with Ghee and spices. I wake up late on a weekend to the smell of garlic pods being roasted in Ghee. Or that divine yellow dollop melting on a plate of hot rice or rotis. It reignites my love for home food and reminds me about why people crave to eat at home. And that magic charm is called Aashirvaad Svasti Ghee.

Now I don’t crave gourmet and fancy restaurants any more. I yearn to eat at home- all thanks to Aashirvaad Svasti Ghee that has made me fall in love with home-cooked food all over again. It tastes of purity and goodness, in every spoonful.

To understand what I really mean, buy it and try it for yourself. It really works wonders.

- Abhishek Sharma, Bangalore

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