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The office cafeteria is our social hub through the week. It’s our escape zone where we get together to meet friends, get our mind off work, and of course, eat! Our lunch hour is the most exciting time of the day. Being a passionate cook and a food lover, I enjoy getting feedback from others on my cooking and tasting new dishes that my colleagues bring.

My food is usually the best among all that my colleagues bring, but of late, that has not been the case. My friend Shweta has been getting all the praise and has become the favourite cook in the office gang. It isn’t that I am jealous, but as a person who loves to cook, I was curious about what she did to make her dishes better. There was some special ingredient that added a sort of ‘zing’ to the food. Be it a regular jeera rice or an exotic biriyani, there was something that elevated the taste. In fact, the cafeteria used to smell so good every time she heated her food in the microwave! My colleagues (and me too, I must confess) used to wait for her to open her tiffin box.

After repeated pleas to invite us home for dinner, she finally did. And that’s when I spotted the magic ingredient, Aashirvaad Svasti Ghee! You might wonder, how does Ghee change anything in food? Well, it does! It’s just like how food tastes divine when it’s made by your mother or grandmother. You know that feeling when you make it with the same recipe but there’s something different when they prepare the same dish? It’s like that! Aashirvaad Svasti Ghee tastes wonderful and with something this good in your food, it's hard for it to not taste heavenly.

I’ve switched to Aashirvaad Svasti Ghee since then, and I’ve noticed the difference. I can’t wait to eat my own food nowadays- forget waiting for others to compliment it! Thank you ITC for bringing out such an amazing product. And I’m sure my family and friends would want to thank you too!

- Shikha Saini, Bangalore

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