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Why Homogenisation?

Homogenising milk involves processing the milk to reduce the fat globules in the milk and making the final product smoother and with less fat content. This makes it healthier and easier to digest.

Benefits of Homogenisation:

  • Non- homogenised milk makes most of its consumers to have stomach upsets when they consume it. Himigenisation breaks down the fat globules in the milk making it easier to digest without any stomach challenges.

  • Homogenisation removes the cream that appears as a layer at the top of the milk, making it stay fresh and healthy for a longer period of time as compared to the milk that you receive directly after milking your cows.

  • Homogenised milk has a creamy taste with a balanced fat content that improves its taste and colour, making it an excellent product for cooking and preparing foods, tea or other drinks that require milk.

  • Homogenisation makes milk a better product that is necessary for cooking because homogenised milk has smaller fat globules and hence smoother as compared to the ordinary milk making it a preferred ingredient for cooking such kind of foods.